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    The field of Vacuum Electron Devices and Applications (VEDA) has been going through a period of resurgence over the last few decades. The emergence of bremsstrahlung HPM devices like gyrotrons and vircators has escalated the frequency and power limits of vacuum electron devices (VEDs) to Terahertz and Gigawatt levels. The convergence of microelectronics and vacuum electronics has given rise to vacuum microelectronics devices, which use field-emission cathodes, based on silicon-tip arrays, carbon nanotubes and MEMs. With the advent of MPMs, the traveling-wave tubes continue to be important. Conventional devices like klystrons, magnetrons, triodes, tetrodes, and vacuum switches and interrupters still continue to find wide civil and military applications. In fact, the availability of advanced, fully three-dimensional simulation codes, advanced materials, precision fabrication and processing technology has added new dimensions to the performance of the conventional microwave tubes to a level unsurpassable in the near future by solid state devices.

    The VED community has also grown significantly over the years both in our country and abroad. It has long been felt that the community in our country ought to have constituted a forum for the exchange of ideas through regular interactions via newsletters, meetings, workshops, symposia, etc. 

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    Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre (MTRDC) and NIT Patna, take great pleasure in announcing (VEDA- 2019)
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